Sunday, 24 October 2010

Washing hands ...... again!!!

We enjoyed making chocolate crispy buns this week.

We talked about how to make the chocolate stick to the rice crispies. We used the microwave to melt the chocolate.
When the chocolate was melted we mixed in the rice crispies, taking turns to mix with a big spoon.
 Next we spooned some of the mixture into the bun cases.

Then we had to wash up the bowl and spoons. (After we had tested the mixture to see if it tasted good!!!)

On Friday afternoon we enjoyed the buns.
We have had a super half term learning all about washing hands and keeping clean.

Have a great week off and we will see you soon.

Mrs Warner

p.s Don't forget to do your holiday homework, "record how many times you wash your hands after doing jobs and other activities"

Golden Children 22nd October 2010

I am very proud of the following children this week -

Jonathan – Jonathan has had a great week. He has been working hard to listen to and follow instructions. Very well done Jonathan!

Hannah  – Hannah always strives to do her very best. She has an excellent attitude and a pleasure to have in class.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Golden Children 15th October 2010

Well done to the following children for an excellent week!!

Bethany:It is a pleasure having Bethany in my class, she is kind, considerate and very supportive of her friends. A true Golden Girl!!!

Morgan :Morgan has an excellent attitude towards school. She continues to work hard and is polite to adults in class.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Working in the ICT suite

The children used softease paint to make pictures of the Gruffalo.They had to select the right colours and remember the details, even the poisonous wart at the end of his nose!
They all did very well and I am looking forward to putting the pictures on display in the classroom.

Here the children are working very hard.

The brown body

What's over there? Is it the Gruffalo??

I can see the green wart at the end of his nose! Can you?

Learning Log homework

I am so pleased with the Learning Logs last week. Lots of different ways to show the same learning target.
Have a look at the photographs and tell me what you think.

This learning target was to share news about your summer holiday.

These next photographs show work all about shapes around us.

Golden Children 8th October 2010

Well done to the following children for being Golden!!

Bradley: This week Bradley has shown a positive attitude to his learning and has produced some excellent work. I am extremely proud of you Bradley!!

Stephen: Stephen continues to have a fantastic attitude towards school and this can be seen in his determination to do well in all he does! Great “Golden” qualities.

Great work!!!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Book Week

Are you enjoying book week?

Who is this?

A link to Gruffalo web site here
Have a look at the web site and tell me what you think of it. 
What you have enjoyed so far this week?

I am looking forward to Friday, I can't wait to watch The Gruffalo show!!

Mrs Warner x

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Golden Children 1st October 2010

Very well done to the following children for your super attitude and behaviour this week;

Charlie B continues to work very hard with a great attitude to learning. She is very determined to do her very best.

Danny is a reliable and trustworthy member of Year One. He always does the right thing and deserves his place in the gold book.