Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Kick Asthma mini marathon

Today we helped to raise money for Kick Asthma. We had to run or walk round the field marked out by Mr Walls. It was hard work but we did it!!!

A link to the Kick Asthma web site here

Well done to everyone!

Did you enjoy music today?

Miss Dexter taught us lots of different songs. It was great fun!!
Can you remember any songs??

Friday, 24 September 2010

Golden Children 24th September 2010

Well done to the following children...

Kieran – For your excellent attitude at school, you always try your best!

Brandon – You give 100% effort into everything you do. You are working hard to improve your writing.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Golden Children 17th September 2010

Well done to the following children for their excellent attitude this week,

Jowita  – Has a fantastic attitude to learning. She is always ready to listen and does her very best all the time.

Jack  – Is gaining confidence and having a go at new things! Keep going Jack you can do it!!

Hand washing experiment

We wanted to find out what was the best way to get rid of germs so we tried
  •  cold water
  • warm water  
  • warm water and soap

Cold water was not very good and lots of germs stayed on our hands.

Warm water didn't seem to work very well either so we tried warm water and soap

Soap turned the water a milky colour and it removed lots of the germs.

Can you see the germs in the bowl?

We washed our hands really well but some of us still had some germs on them. Some of us even had germs on our faces!

How do you think they got there?

We had a really good time learning about the importance of keeping clean and washing hands with warm water and soap.


This week we have been finding out how quickly germs can spread. We can't see germs so we pretended to have germs on our hands using purple glitter. Mrs Warner covered her hands with glitter and said good morning to a few children and held out her hand to shake. They said hello to other children and not long after the germs had spread to everyone.
Everyone had some germs (glitter) on their hands. We learned germs can spread very quickly and we need to keep our hands clean.

Did you enjoy our experiment? Tell me what you found out.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Golden Children 10th September 2010

The following children displayed an excellent attitude and deserved to be in the Gold Book this week 
Olivia has a fantastic attitude, she has superb manners and does her very best all the time.

Abbie is a quiet member of the class, she is always ready on the mat waiting patiently to start learning.

Well done!!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Animated alphabet

Have a look at this lovely website click here
Watch how the letters change into animals!

Mrs Warner

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A new year begins!

Welcome to Year One everyone!!
I had a lovely day today, finding out about your holidays, what you enjoy doing and the games you like to play.
Tomorrow will be busy again with more fun activities. I am looking forward to it.

See you soon,
Mrs Warner.

p.s. Can you post a comment about what you have enjoyed so far?