Monday, 29 November 2010

Light and Dark

The children have been doing some very interesting work about light and dark with Miss Greig.
Here are a few photographs of the exciting activities and a link to information about The Green Cross Code

Remember to wear your reflector! 

The Cave - Children went into here to find different objects.

Can you see it?

Glo stick dance

The lightsabre

What is inside the box? Can you tell just with the sense of touch?

Using torches

Recording sentences before writing them.

Almost like a rainbow

Predicting which owls they will see in the dark cave.

Talking about where the owl needs to go.

Actual result. Without a source of light they couldn't see any of them.
 Lots of fun!!!
Well done Miss Greig and Year One!

Golden Children 19th November and 26th November

A big congratulations to the following children for excellent attitude, manners and behaviour at school!

19th November - 
Evie is always smiling and ready to learn. She is a good friend and always helps others.

Charlie has a fantastic attitude to learning. She is kind, polite and shows excellent manners.

26th November
Ellie can always be found in an area of the classroom working really hard and challenging herself. She has also developed her confidence in class.

Faye constantly tries to be a good friend, she is supportive and is always there for a friend in need.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Learning Log homework - Numbers

Here are some photographs of the learning log homework all about numbers around us. I think it is great how everyone does something different. Have a look at these and let me know what you think.
Can you give them a star and a wish?

Great work Year 1.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Children In Need

Don't forget to wear your spots on Friday and bring in some change to make our hall floor spotty.

Golden Children 12th November 2010

I am very proud of the following children for another great week of good manners.

Kian continues to display excellent manners at all times. It is a pleasure having him in my class.

Megan is always ready to learn. She sets a super example to the rest of her class with her willingness to learn. 

Pizza maths

Based on our pizza theme we have been making 2d shaped pizza's and finding ways of halving them.

 We have been making our own delicious pizza toppings in the dough area!

We have also been finding out about Diwali with Miss Greig. We have made diva lamps from clay and firework pictures with paint and teabags!!

 Look at the different patterns, what shapes can you see?

A game you can play is here
Can you design your own mehndi pattern?

Mrs Warner

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Golden Children 5th November 2010

A big well done to the following children,

Talia continues to show excellent manners towards everyone she meets. She is always ready to start her learning.

Mason is a polite and well mannered member of Year 1. He consistently displays an excellent attitude towards school.