Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Making our hats

This afternoon we started making our hats for the tea party on Friday.

Here we are at work.

By Mia and Kieran

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The game we have been playing

As promised here is the game we have had on the IWB.    Click here

Let me know what your best score is.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Golden Children

I am very proud of Hannah and Olivia for their excellent effort and attitude at school, well done both of you.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Golden Children 11th March 2011

Well done to the following children for being in the Gold book this week;

Kieran constantly tries to do his best to be helpful and hard working. I am really pleased to see his changing behaviour on the playground.

I can always rely on Morgan to be doing the right thing. She is conscientious, hard working and a friend to everyone.

Our learning this week

This week we have been reading the traditional story, Goldilocks and the three bears.
Sharing the story
We looked at the different parts of the story and put them on a "Story mountain"
A story mountain made in the writing area
The children also sorted pictures by their size and matched them to the bear.
Sorting items by their size

Some children made Baby bear a new chair in the Design and Technology area.
A new chair for Baby bear

In maths we continued with our co-ordinates work and made our own grid linked to Goldilocks story. With Beebot's help we found different co-ordinates on the grid.
Beebot ready to help us find co-ordinates
Working as a team to find the co-ordinate
Beebot moves to the co-ordinate

The children had to find out what was at a specific co-ordinate. They all did very well.
What is at .....

In the maths area children worked in pairs to tell each other where to put objects on a pirate map.
x marks the spot

On the computer the children made a background using "textease paint" and then programmed "Turtle" to move round the images they created.
Can you spot Turtle

Here is a link to the game we played on the IWB             click

Thank you everyone for working so hard!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Room on the broom party

We had so much fun!!!!!

Have a look at our exciting photographs.

Here the children are putting the pictures from the story in order and matching some sentences

The children are writing book reviews. All the books are written by our favourite author, Julia Donaldson.

Matching up the rhyming words from the story

Happy witches!


Dancing to the music

A truly magnificent broom!

The cauldron game, find the ingredients from the list

Musical broomsticks/chairs

What a fantastic party everyone, thank you for coming!!!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Room on the broom

We have been having lots of fun this week enjoying the story "Room on the broom"

Thursday is Book day and you can come to school dressed as a book character.
On Friday morning we are having a "Room on the broom" party. Did you get your invitation?

You can bring some dressing up clothes, maybe you could come as a witch or a dog or even a dragon "as mean as can be!"

I'm looking forward to it, hope to see you there.