Friday, 22 July 2011

Our last week together

This week has been full of fun and exciting activities.

On Monday we had our Children's University launch assembly. Children could choose from a wide range of courses ranging from Harry Potter club, to cookery club and netball. It was very difficult to decide!!

On Tuesday the children watched Toy Story on the I.W.B

On Wednesday the children played with some toys and games.

Everyone playing together

Enjoying the stencils

Guess Who!

Getting in a twist!

Having a go at Twister Moves

It was a bit tricky following the instructions

Who am I? 

Do I live in a warm country?

Do I have legs?

On Thursday we had our "Farewell picnic" Lots of grown ups came to have dinner with us.

Some of the reply letters to our invitations

Enjoying our food

Mums and Dads came along

A very busy classroom

What's inside the sandwich?

Showing our grown ups the I.W.B with our Graduation photograph on display

Chatting with the grown ups


Having fun together

Tasty lunch

Everyone enjoying the picnic

Grown ups enjoying a cuppa

Lots of fun for everyone

Today we enjoyed some chocolate cake with our milk. Yum yum!!! 
But sadly we had to say goodbye to Miss Moody. Good luck in your new job!

Delicious cake


All that's left is chocolate fingertips!

Chocolate cake and nice cold milk

Thank you for a great year, we've done some fab things and I have really enjoyed myself.

Finally, you have all been very kind giving the staff beautiful cards and presents, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic summer break!

lots of love,
Mrs Warner, Mrs Horn and Miss Moody

Friday, 15 July 2011

They did it!!!

Year 1 graduated this afternoon

Well done everyone!!

Our penultimate week together

This week has been a week of having fun, thinking about the past year and looking forward.

Here are some photos of the things we have done.

Hope you have fun in Year 2!

Co-operative work

All working hard

Exploring Google Earth

Trying to find Grandma's house

More team work

Making weird minibeasts

Creating our own "Snail" inspired by Matisse

Concentrating hard

Cutting out the shapes needed

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thinking about our time in Year One

Today we had circle time and had a chat about all the fun things we have done this year. We had a look back on the blog to help us remember.

What is your favourite memory from your time in Year One?

Monday, 4 July 2011

A great minibeast game

I have found a really great game! You can build weird and wacky minibeasts.

Have a look and let me know what you think.

Click on a body part and it will change to a different one each time.

Here is the game

Have fun!!!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Competition time

Today was the closing date for the grow your own potatoes competition. We all went to the garden to look at our crop.

Our veg plot (and a few weeds!)

Mrs Warner starting to dig for potatoes.

Only a few so far

Rocket potatoes

Year 1 and their potato crop

Rocket potatoes, carrots and Casablanca potatoes

The seed potato

The weight of the Rocket potatoes

The weight of the Casablanca potatoes

Our combined crop!
We are looking forward to eating them on Monday!!!

Our Class Assembly

On Wednesday we showcased our speaking and listening skills to the whole school.
We told everyone about minibeasts, sang songs and showed our art work.

Singing B.U.G song

Sharing our art work

A centipede. Did you know they can have up to 300 legs?

The minibeasts will sort themselves into Insect and Not insect.

Can you remember the song to remind us of the body parts of an insect?

Dashing and darting minibeasts

Caterpillar song

Well done Year 1, you worked really hard and made everyone very proud.