Sunday, 25 September 2011

Big Talk - Big Write

This week we talked about the Creepy Chameleon

 We watch some Wildlife finder clips and watch the Chameleon change colours.  We found out that Chameleons Camouflage themselves when they are frightened this means they can blend into their surroundings and it makes it hard to see them.
 We talked about what we found out

 We talked about the sentences we could write about the Chamelon to describe it

We had to look closely at how it looked.
and what it was doing.

We thought of these sentences together.

The creepy chameleon climbed up the branch.

The lizards claws looked scaley.

The chameleons has scaley skin and it can change colour.

This weeks word was Camouflage

Camouflage is when some living creatures blend into their surroundings so they cannot be seen or it makes it very hard to see them.

Here are some living things that can change their skin to camouflage themselves.


Who has been in the Gold Book?

Sometimes in Year 1 we are secret agents, especially when we are going on a learning mission.  Entering Gold Book is quite a mission is Miss Caddle's class, here are some of our agents that have completed the mission already.

We are proud to be in the Gold Book

Secret Agent D has settled really well in year one.  He has worked hard to show golden behaviours all the time.  He sits quietly on the carpet and always tries to listen.  Well done Agent D, keep bringing your smile every day.

Secret Agent T has had an excellent start to the school year.  Agent T has been an always child right at the beginning of the year.  She is helpful, kind and really listens well in class.  Well done Tia.

Secret Agent M has been brilliant from the start of the term. She always tries to do the right thing. Sometimes she is shy but then out comes her confidence as she tries a little harder and shows great results.

I have been really pleased with Agent J he always tries his best and is working really well in year 1. A great start to the new term Agent J, keep it up.

Do you think you can complete the mission?

Our Topic Theme this term is "Wash your hands" and we are learning about ourselves

This week we talked about the importance of washing our hands so that we can keep away germs.

Germs are just everywhere!

We used glitter to show... easily germs can spread

 Look at them all over our hands

Even after washing a little they were still there.  So we had to use some soap too! 

Scrub scrub scrub!  Two hands in this tub

I played with my friend and caught some of those germs

Look at those nasties! 

 Scrub scrub
 and scrub!

   We played together to see what would happened

 Ring a ring o' roses a pocket full of posies

Atishoo atishoo and the germs began to spread! 

 Our friends came to play.  It was even more fun!  Look at their clean hands.

Ring a ring o' roses a pocket full of posies

 Atishoo atishoo!

 And the germs began to spread!

And spread!  Oops

And then more people joined the game!

Atishoo, atishoo and the germs began to spread!

They almost won the battle


Scrub a dub dub, we put our hands in the sink tub
and with a good wash and a scrub
 Our hands became clean! clean! clean!

No have some fun with these games and songs!!

This is so much fun. Play me!


In maths we are learning about 2D shapes and making a sequence with the shapes

A 2D shape is a flat shape

Here are some websites for your children to practice shape at home

 I put my shapes in a sequence and then I drew and labelled them

 Can you name the shapes I have chosen?

 I am going to try a repeating pattern

 I am making a sequence with the shapes


We practised writing sentences in literacy and forming our letters.

 The little Princess got mucky

 Wash your hands.

 I improved practicising writing 'g'

 We thought of a sentence then asked the teacher to help us write it
 I wrote my own sentence. 
Clean your hands and your boots.

 I wrote this without any help.  I said it first then I tried to write it.

Phew!  That was hard work but I did it!

I designed this picture and wrote my name