Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Who has been in the Gold Book?

The proud owners of these smiles are Secret Agent P and Secret Agent J

Mission completed!

Secret Agent P - Agent P has found it a little hard to settle in this term because she misses home but everyday she brings out her smile and try her best in everything.  She sits quietly on the carpet and is always ready to get busy.  Well done.

Secret Agent J- Agent J is our fantastic artist and model maker.  She can be a little shy when she finds things difficult but she always makes an effort.  Last week she brought in stickers to share for people sitting beautiful. She is kind and thoughtful and willing to help others do the right thing.

Year get busy learning about types of measurement


Last week Year 1 have been learning about measuring things with their hand spans.  They collected different objects from around the room and then measured them to see if their hand span was wider than the object of not wider. 

Some children investigated how tall they were using hand spans as measurements