Saturday, 25 February 2012

Starring in a play

We've had great fun with the story of the Three Billy Goats gruff this week.  Amongst the highlights were the girls doing a fantastic job of  reading and acting out the play of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  After the play's success we will have a go at reading a play in our guided reading.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Programming the Beebot

In maths we have been programming the Beebot to practise our positional language.  We used our car mat to decide a starting and ending point for the Beebot.  We then discussed in our talk partners what instructions we had to progamme in to the Beebot to get to our chosen destination.  It was a tricky process as the Beebot often took off in the wrong direction and we all learnt to press the clear button before we programmed in the next set of instructions!

Working out our left and right........remember to look at your hands to find the L

The beebots will be in class next week, see if you can practise your instructions.

Scientific baking!

We have been investigating what happens to chocolate if it is heated up and then cooled.  Our recipe was for Crunchy Chocolate Truffles.  After reading the recipe we broke up the chocolate.  All the children described the chocolate as hard and we learnt a new word, "solid", that described the chocolate.  We then heated the chocolate in the microwave and observed that the chocolate was runny and "looked like yoghurt".  By the time we had mixed the melted chocolate with the syrup and biscuits the chocolate had cooled and was becoming a solid again.

 Great investigation, I hope you enjoyed eating the end result.   Use the poll button on the left to let me know what you though of the truffle.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Maths Morning @ FHC

We had a great time working with you Year 1, it was lovely to see you joining in and playing the games.

Some photos of when you were in Year 4 are here. Pop over to Y4 blog to see more click here

I hope you had fun in Year 4.
From Mrs Warner and Mr Walls

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Year 1 put on a play

This week in Literacy we have been acting out the story of Cinderella.  Each group took on the different roles in Cinderella and made up  their own dialogue.  The plays were brilliant.

Here Prince Charming brings the glass slipper for the Ugly Sisters and Cinderella to try on.

The audience were enthralled.

The cast takes a bow and the audience shouts bravo!
A new take on Cinderella as the Step Father and Ugly Brothers take to the stage

Next week we will be independently writing our own Cinderella stories.  I'm sure all our hardwork this week will pay off in our writing.  I can't wait to read the stories.

Forensic science day

Year 1 had an exciting forensic science day.  Check out our pictures to see what we got up to.
 The children heard all about what clues a forensic scientist looks for.  We examined our fingerprints and  compared the different footprints that our pumps would make.

We had to put the forensic tape around our "victim" first.

 Then we used tweezers and magnifying glasses to find evidence.

 Very thorough girls, checking the pockets.
Is that a muddy boot print on the welly?

 After we had collected all the evidence we talked about what we had found and what it could mean.

What a fantastic opportunity year 1.  You all worked so hard, well done you made great forensic scientists.

A sad goodbye

On the 27th February we said a sad goodbye to a member of our class.  To celebrate his time with us we had a goodbye party and presented him with some cards that the children had made themsleves.

 All the children had signed the card and written good luck messages.

The children (and teachers) enjoyed delicious cakes made by mum......thanks mum.

You will be missed but we wish you lots of luck in your new school.  Keep in touch through the blog and let us know what you are up to.

Solving a maths problem

Last week in our maths we were looking at the question "Are the oldest people the tallest?"  This promoted some great discussion, here are some of the responses
"yes because every year you have a birthday and you get bigger"
"yes because my daddy's older than my mummy and he's tallest"
"no because grannies are little and bended over"
"no because my mummy wears high heels and then she's tallest"

We then got to work measuring ourselves to see if we could find evidence to agree or disagree with the question asked.

  Showing how to measure using the metre ruler.
 The girls measure independently.
Discussing the results, what do they tell us?

At the end of the week and after measuring and comparing the "young" Mrs Harman and the "old" Mrs Longhawn we concluded that we couldn't agree that the oldest person is always the tallest.

Great problem solving Year 1.