Friday, 29 June 2012

Vegetable Art

Can you guess what season this man represents?

I was inspired by our growing vegetables to look at the work of an artist called Guiseppe Archimboldo.  He painted pictures of people representing seasons using vegetables and fruits.  Using lots of different fruits and vegetables we had a go at making our own pictures in the style of Archimboldo. Take a look at the results I think they're fab.

Loving the beard.

What a cutey!

Look at this lovely lady with her lipstick on!
 Great work Year 1  I think Archimboldo would be proud of you !!

Stick Insect news


One of our stick insect eggs has hatched. He hatched on Tuesday night and is only 2 cm long.  Now we have out in some ivy to feed him he is really hard to spot but I managed to get this picture of him before the ivy was put in.

He's upside down here as I had to lean into the cage to get this picture.
We now need a name for this little fella......can you reply and make a suggestion.  We will need to look carefully on Monday morning as there are 8 more eggs to hatch.  I wonder if any of them will have hatched?

Where in the world?

As part of our topic lesson we have been looking at the world map and identifying countries that will be sending teams to the London 2012 Olympics. 

Which country does the flag belong to?

Which continent are you looking at?

Yummy Honey

Lasr week we had a fantastic feast in Year 1.  First we found out all about the honey bee and why it is so important that we look after them.  Mrs Longhawn had bought a jar of honey with a real honeycomb in it and we got to try the honey when we made honey sandwiches.  Some children in our class hadn't tried honey before but everyone was very brave at trying it and some children even found out that honey is very yummy.  After the honey sandwiches we had a chance to try some of our potatoes that we had grown ourselves.  We tried some in just butter and some that had been made into potato mayonaise.  It was a real treat to have our pudding frst and then our main course!!!

Buttering the bread

The honey comb

Can you remember what shape the honeycomb weas made from?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Exciting trip news

Yesterady I went to visit Harlow Carr Gardens to prepare for our school trip on the 16th July.  I was so excited to see all that we can do there.  If you want a sneak preview of where we are going click on this link below to go to the Harlow Carr website.

On the website there is a special section for children that shows you how to make the cool jelly below and has some excellent colouring pictures and plant facts for you to explore.

Jelly frog pond

Let me know what you find out.

Olympic fun

On Monday we had an excellent time at our world sports day.  Despite the weather our teams put in maximum effort in the standing long jump and the relay and obstacle races.  You never know we may have some future olymians !

On your marks get set...........

Super fast running girls

Monday, 18 June 2012

More veg news

Whilst we were in the garden today we took the opportunity to see how our veg patch was growing and label the vegetables.  We made our labels in ICT lessons and now it was time to put them in next to the vegtables so that we know what we're growing.  This rain might have been miserable for us but it has been perfect growing weather for our veg which is coming on a treat!

Harvesting our potato crop

Back in March we planted some potatoes as part of the British Potato Council's schools competition.  We had an email last week saying it was time to harvest our crop and weigh them.  So Year 1 took advantage of the sunshine this afternoon and  went to dig up all the potatoes.  Before we went outside we all held a 2KG bag of potatoes and estimated if our own crop would be lighter, the same as or heavier than 2KG.  Most of us estimated that our potatoes would be heavier.

After we had dug up the potatoes we washed them and then weighed our crop.  Can you guess how heavy the crop was??????  Use the voting buttons on the right of this page to say what you think.

Hunting those minibeasts

Last week year 1 got busy in the garden hunting minibeasts. We planned how to build a minibeast strap in our D&T lesson and then we got busy making them outside in the garden. If we found minibeast we used our new magnifying viewers to get a really close up look so that we could describe all the features. We will be using the information gathered to make our own minibeast information text over the coming weeks.

Making the minibeast trap

What have we caught already?

Using one of our magnifying viewers
Last week Year 1 got busy in the garden hunting minibeasts.  We planned how to build a minibeast trap in our D&T lesson and then we got busy making them outside in the garden.  If we found minibeast we used our new magnifying viewers to get a really close up look so that we could describe all the features.  We will be using the information gathered to make our own minibeast information text over the coming weeks.

Phonics games

Last week we all took part in some great phonics games.  We used the hall to play most of our games which gave us the space to spread out and have fun.  All the children showed just how much they have learnt in phonics over the year with some super sounding out and blending going on.  Well done everybody.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee celebrations

We had fantastic fun celebrating the jubilee on Friday.  In the morning we made crowns and commerative bookmarks.  Then we came together with FS2 and Year 2 to have a right royal street paty and feast.  I really enjoyed the dancing competition.

Thanks to a very talented mum  for this lovely cake.

All dressed ready for the party to start.

Playing musical statues, these girls were excellent at freezing.

Super dancing girls!

Happy Jubilee !!!

I hope you all have a fantastic time celebrating the Jubilee.  Let me know how you have celebrated.