Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tickling our taste buds !

In science we have been exploring our senses.  We conducted a taste investigation to identify the tastes of sweet, bitter, sour and salty.  The children had to taste four foods and decide which taste their taste buds could detect.  The lemon juice left quite a lasting impression on the children and the chocolate that turned out not to be sweet after all!!!

Can you identify the objects using your sense of touch?

Can you play a game that uses your sense of hearing?

The lemon juice was very sour !!!

People having a drink after the bitter chocolate although some
children thought it was very nice !!

Chomping on a sweet fruit pastille to make up for the lemon juice.

We held our noses when we tasted foods to see how it affected our
sense of certainly helped with the lemon juice !!

That was great fun year 1 and you were all so fantastic at tasting all of the foods.  Can you let me know if you have any more great taste sensations.

The Gruffalo

In literacy we have been looking at the story of the Gruffalo.  Here the children are ordering the story events and retelling the story with their partners.

The children have also drawn their own monster and we will work on describing the monsters like the Gruffalo is described in the book.  Look out for the results next week.

Making 10

In maths this week we have been finding pairs of numbers that make 10.  We used numicon to help us find the pairs of numbers then wrote the pairs as an addition number sentence.

If children found all the pairs of numbers to 10 the challenge
as to find pairs of numbers that made 20.

Independent learning

Look at these great examples of independent learning that children have been getting up to this week.
Working together.

Mrs Longhawn played her flute for the class to demonstrate high pitch and low pitch sounds.
That inspired these two musicians to make a flute and a piano in our
model making area. 

A fantastic house.

A wonderful castle boys. 

What wonderful hats girls and all your own design.

Creating music

Year 1 have been learning a new song "we all go travelling by" which is about school children going to school on their school bus and the vehicles they see along the way.  Once we had learnt
the song with actions we chose musical instruments that would represent each vehicle.  So for
the horn on the bus the children chose cymbals and for the bicycles bell we used a chime bar.
We then performed the whole song.  The tricky part was only playing when you sung about your vehicle.

Can you see the vehicles on the board that the children saw on the way to school?

We used our voices for the aeroplane with some people doing the action we had learnt.

Waiting for their vehicle and listening to another group. 
Well done for not banging those drums I know it was very tempting!

The horn on the yellow school bus group.
 Well done year one I was so proud of your lovely singing and control of the musical instruments.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Spot the super hero!

Take a look at these pictures can you tell who is behind the VCOP super hero mask????

It's Violet Vocab.  She helps us find wow words to
make our sentences interesting.

Here is Doctor Punctuation. 
He's looking out for capital letters and full stops.

Wow Captain Connective looks fierce!  He can help you join your
sentences together with words like and and because.

The Incredible Opener makes sure that your sentences start
with bang and grab your reader.

Germ investigation

The year 1 scientists have been very busy this week.  We have been investigating the best way to get rid of germs.  Using glitter and oil to represent the germs we get on our hands during the day we tried out three different ways to wash our hands:

1) Just using cold water
2) Using just warm water
3) Using warm water and soap

Most children predicted that there would have to be soap involved to get our hands really clean and our results clearly showed this to be a correct prediction.  We had great fun and learnt about the importance of soap. Take a look out our photos that show what we got up to.

Look at all those germs!

I wonder if the cold water will remove the germs?

You better get scrubbing that's a lot of germs!

Oh no the cold water hasn't taken off all the germs.

It looks like the warm water is better than the cold water but there are still germs left after washing.

Wow those hands are you think it is the soap?

Well done guys you have got lots of bubbles with that soap.

Super investigation well done year 1.