Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weights and measures

In maths we have been looking at measuring using standard units. It was a great opportunity to make Mrs Longhawn's famous mars bar crispie cakes whilst learning all about reading a scale and measuring in grammes.

There was even a little bit left over for tasting!
We will be saving the rest of the cakes for our Jubilee party on Friday............that's if Mrs Longhawn doesn't eat them first!

Learnng all about a Vicar's job

As part of our RE topic, learning about Christian leaders in our community we invited Reverend Heather into our class to interview her about her job as a vicar. The children thought of some really interesting questions like "do you live in the church?" and "do you know God better than anyone else?" As well as answering our questions Reverend Heather also brought some of the special clothes that she wears when she is in church.
Reverernd Heather shows us the cross that she wears.

The white piece of clothing is a cassock and the red scarf is a stole.  Can you remember why a red stole is used?
Thank you so much for coming Reverend Heather, we learnt a lot.

Learning the National Anthem

As we are preparing for the Jubilee celebrations we have been learning to sing the National Anthem. First we heard the tune on Mrs Longhawn's flute then everyone had a go at learning the words. We also used the drums to try and keep a steady beat whilst we sang. Well done everyone the results were great.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Golden children

Daniella you always listen to instructions and really try to do what ever is asked of you the first time. You are willing to try new activities and are a great help within the classroom. Well done Daniella.
Tiyah when you shine you are very golden. I have been so impressed with your independent writng and reading and it is lovely to see you taking such pride in your achievements.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

5 sentence challenge

The 5 sentence challenge is an international creative writing challenge.  It is the "baby brother" of the 100 word challenge that Mrs Warner's class have been entering.  Every fortnight a different stimulus is set on the 100 word challenge website to get the children thinking creatively. 
If you want to learn more about the 5 sentence challenge or have a look at examples from other schools click on the 5 sentence challenge icon on the right of this page.

Last week in class we worked together to come up with these sentences based around the words marvellous, castle, pink, flew.

The marvellous dragon set the castle on fire with his hot smoky breath.
The terrifying dragon flew to the castle to rescue the beautiful pink princess.
The dragon flew the princess to the pink castle.
The big nasty dragon flew away with the gorgeous princess.
They landed on a cloud that makes great roaring bangs.

This week we are using a picture set by the 5 sentence challenge team as our talk homework ready for big write on Friday.  This time the children will work independently to create their sentences.  Look out for them on the blog at the weekend.

What could you write about this picture????

A planting gift

Last week we recieved a huge box full of plants from BT.  BT, as part of a community intiative has donated fruit and vegetable plants to 200 schools and we were one of the lucky schools.  We had great fun exploring the contents of the box and discovering the plants that we had been sent.  We then all took turns in our garden to plant the fruit and vegetables in our raised beds.  We are now growing salad leaves, cauliflower, beetroot, leeks, strawberries, potatoes and even some melons!!!

Planting the potatoe tubers.

Watering our seedlings.

Lets hope the weather gets better to help our growing.