Thursday, 20 June 2013

Reverend Heather visits

Last week in RE we were lucky enough to have Reverend Heather visit us and share with us what she does in her role as a Reverend and the clothes that she wears.  You all asked very thoughtful questions and took the opportunity to recap the Easter story with Reverend Heather. 

Reverend Heather visit on PhotoPeach

Thank you Reverend Heather.


  1. I wonder if you could tell us what RE is? From Gecko Class.

  2. RE stands for Religious Education. Is that a subject that you study in Gecko class? We have been looking at the Christian religion this year so we have learnt about bible stories like the Good Samaritan and visited a church at Christmas time to see the Nativity. Each year in school we learn more about the Christian religion and other religions too like Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. We learn to respect the beliefs of others including those who have no religious beliefs at all.

  3. RE Is a very good thing to study. Its Religious Education. We have done about many different Religions in our class like Islam,Judaism and a few more. It's very interesting and must of been a treat for you to have Reverend Heather in your Class Year 1. :)