Saturday, 9 March 2013

World maths day

Wednesday was World Maths day and we all took part in games using the world maths website in our classroom.  Unfortunately when it was our turn in the ICT suite the serva was too busy to let us onto the world maths website.  It didn't stop us having maths fun though as we turned to the Leeds Sumdog competition and I'm sure our hard work contricbuted to Fieldhead carr getting another winner's certificate from sumdog.  Well done everyone.

World Maths day on PhotoPeach

World Book Day

What a fantastic day we had on Thursday.  Thanks to all the mums and dads for the super costumes that the children were wearing.  I really enjoyed being highway rat but was a bit disappointed that no one had any cake that I could steal!!!

We looked at Julia Donaldson books all day doing things like a book hunt around school, writing book reports and ordering the story of Room on the Broom.  Thanks to Jake's dad and Jacob's grandad for coming into school to read with the children.  The boys were absorbed in the books you read with them.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Maths marvellous maths

A new  Leeds sumdog competition started on Friday and will remain open until Friday 7th March.  We did so well in the last one and I know that year 1 helped us to achieve lots of points.  Click here to play your favourite sumdog game and help our school to win!

Next Wednesday it will be world maths day.  We will have some time in the ICT suite to battle schools accross the world but you can practise playing the games bfore Wednesday using the passwords that were sent home last week.

Good luck


Our new topic is "The Mad Hatters tea party".  I have found this great site hosted by Tate Liverpool who had an exhibition of wonderland paintings recently.  They developed a series of games to test different parts of your brain.  The games are great and together with an adult you can find out more about how your brain works.

Let me know what you think.

Maths activties

Last week in maths we were learning to use positional language like forwards, backwards, left and right.  We were also making half and quarter turns.  Have a look at the activties we gor involved in.

History games

Last week we had great fun playing the games that our parents and grandparents would have played at parties.  Mrs Longhawn had a ladybird book that showed the party games - hunt the thimble, blind man's buff and oranges and lemons.  The book was first published in 1960.......the book belongs to Mr Longhawn.......honest!!!

Let me know if you play these games at any of your parties.